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Letter to A Local School District
Tom Krause.
  April 29, 2004


     I just wanted to state, for the record, that contrary to popular belief - my child still belongs to me.

   I am unaware of the law that gives control of all my son's time to local school district.  I am tired of hearing the line, "parents that don't help their child with homework have poor parenting skills". Please give your teachers enough time to help students with homework during class time. When you overload teachers with too many expectations they assign too much homework. When my child comes home after school, that is my time.

   My child needs time with me. He needs to play catch with me. He needs to
eat supper with me. He needs to go to ball games with me. He needs to watch
movies, or yes, even just watch TV with me. He needs me to be there when he
laughs. He needs me to be there when he cries. He needs me to tuck him into
bed at night. He needs me to make him pancakes when he wakes up in the
morning. That is what I define as "parenting skills." 

     I recently listened to a group of grandmothers discussing how schools have
changed over the years. One thing they all agreed on is that their grandchildren have
too much homework today.

   One more thing  my child’s time during the summer also belongs to me. That is
when we have the most time together. Year round schools interfere with this time.
Summer is the time he visits his grandmother. Summer is the time he goes to
camps and meets new friends. Summer is when we travel and see the world together. While it may not show up as one of your "educational standards", believe it or not,
he learns a lot during the summer -- just by being with me.

  This is not to say my child should never have any homework. But remember, if you want me to be supportive of your time with my son, please be supportive of mine.
After all, my child still belongs to me.

Concerned Parent

Submitted by:  © Tome Krause  Author, Touching Hearts - Teaching Greatness, Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2001. National/International Educational Conference Keynote/Workshop Presenter.
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