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Hands On Phonics A to Z: Downloadable learning activity book.

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The Reading Lesson: Combining Phonics and Whole Language Successfully for 4 - 8 year olds.
Parenting Power

How to Teach Your Child to Read.
To really learn to read, your child needs the most important tool of all - the kitchen table - where you sit together and spend about ten minutes a day working through the process step-by-little-step. by Michael Levin, M.D., August 6, 2002

Printable Worksheets for introducing Dolch Sight Words
**Best viewed and printed using Netscape
Series 1 Three worksheets of Dolch sight words with similar vowel sounds
Series 2  Set of four printable worksheets of random Dolch sight words
Joanne Mikola, July, 2002

Sibling Reading
Being young and foolish, it is the ultimate measure to do better than the same blood standing right next to you. by Jodi Jill ,July 2, 2001

Milk and Cereal for Dinner
The box was, and always will be, the best part of milk and cereal. 
by Jodi Jill, July 2, 2001

Reading on the Telephone
The majority of libraries have reading lines that cater to children who are looking for a great story. by Jodi Jill, July 2, 2001

Chalking Up the Summer
It is enjoyable to see what the kids create and listen to them explain how they see the world through their eyes.  by Jodi Jill, July 2, 2001

Teaching My 5 Year Old to Read 
Experience has taught us some valuable lessons.
By Jay Carper May 12, 2001

Using a Magnetic Letter Board to Teach Phonics 
by Elaine Ernst Schneider March 10, 2001

Books and Your Children
Stimulate your child's love for reading. Pick from the Fall 2003 Best Sellers List for Emerging Readers then snuggle up for some quality time with your child. Elaine Ernst Schneider, Sept. 2003

Hands On Phonics A to Z
For parent and child, teacher and child, or tutor and child.
Elaine Ernst Schneider has just completed her "Hands On Phonics A to Z" series of lesson plans and activity workbook. Ignite all of your child's senses to introduce and reinforce this first building block of language development. A sample can be found here. This exceptional resource is now available for sale in our [email protected]

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Leap Pad
Leap Pad 
by Leap Frog
This talking book comes with an interactive "magic pen" that works like a hand-held computer mouse pointer.

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