Music Worksheet 3: Note and Rest Values: Answers


1.  A  - half note  2.    H 3, ___E - W__ 4. _W_
5. ____C - Q_ 6. _Q or 2XE 7.D-E 8.G-E 9.A-Q_ 10Ex2+Q or H or Qx2
13 A-E 14B-E 15E-Q_ 16 Ex4 or Qx2 or H    19 B-Q 20F-Hdot 21 W or Hx2 or Qx4
or H + Qx2


Bass clef, W, middleC 

Treble clef, 2x S, D, E

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Submitted by:  © Joanne Mikola  I am a retired/expired Trauma O.R. Nurse who still thrives on blood, guts and crises. Give me a book, and I will relish every page. Give me a pen, and I can only stare hopelessly at the implications. Drop a note to Joanne

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