Music Worksheet 3: Note and Rest Values

An EIGHTH Rest is placed on a staff like this:
an eighth rest

= 1/2 COUNT

A QUARTER rest is placed on a staff like this:
a quarter rest


A HALF rest is placed above the 3rd staff line like this:
half rest


A WHOLE rest is placed below the 4th staff line like this:
whole rest

= 4 Counts

1. Print this page.
2. In the columns of blank staffs, draw one or more rests that get the same number of counts as the notes immediately to the left. Practice drawing the clefs as well.
3. Label the names/location of each note and identify what type of note it is. Use the following abbreviations: Whole note = W,Half note = H, Quarter note = Q, Eighth note = E, Sixteenth note = S


1.  A  - half note  2.    H 3, __________ 4. __________
5. ____________ 6. ___________ 7. ___ 8.___ 9.___ 10___ 11___ 12___
13___ 14___ 15___ 16 ___17___18___        19 ___ 20___ 21 ___ 22___


Bass clef, W, middleC 

Treble clef, 2x S, D, E

Click here for Answer sheet

Submitted by:  © Joanne Mikola  I am a retired/expired Trauma O.R. Nurse who still thrives on blood, guts and crises. Give me a book, and I will relish every page. Give me a pen, and I can only stare hopelessly at the implications. Drop a note to Joanne

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