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Support Articles

Learning (Dis)Abilities General
ADD/ADHD * Learning Disabilities : ADD/ADHD
Blind & Low Vision
Deaf & Hard of Hearing 
inc. Central Auditory Processing Disorder
Learning Disorders and Home Schooling: Central Auditory Processing Disorder
Emotional/Behaviour Disorder
Gifted Gifted Children
Multiple Disabilities
Autism & Pervasive Developmental Disorders Learning Disabilities : Autism
Physical Disability
Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Sensory Integration Dysfunction
*ADD/ADHD are not recognized as Learning Disabilities by both the Canadian and US Education Departments

Learning Skills General
Class Participation Elements of a Persuasive SpeechLearn to deal effectively with stage fright and other public speaking situations.
Communication Skills Communication Skills for Adults and Children
Conflict Resolution Conflict Issues
Homework Completion Homework Issues
Learning Environment Ideas andTips for Successful Field Trips
Problem Solving
Role Models Role Models : General
Study Habits Study Habits

Teaching Methods General
Home School General Hints and Tips - History , Homeschool, HomeworkHome School Issues
Pedagogy Pedagogy : How children Learn
Tutoring On line Math tutoring

Miscellaneous General
Censorship Is Harry Potter appropriate reading?
Drugs and Alcohol Use and Abuse Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse
Educational Policy Educational Policy
Extra Curricular Activities 100+ Field Trips, Tricks and Hints for Successful Field Trips.Extra Curricular Activities
How to Get Hired How to Get Hired
Objective/Subjective Testing
School Safety Curb Appeal : Addressing Car Pool Rage
Post Traumatic Stress Child Death Hits Communities Hard
Summer School Summer Tutoring
Uniform Policies

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