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1. Parents : of School age children age 3- grade 12 (end High School)
2. Educators:  Institution and Home Based; All grades from JK to 12 or equivalent
3. Students: all grades, all abilities.
4. School Boards, Government Education ; College, University Education programs.


- All Parents are Home Educators who have the opportunity and motivation to personalize learning experiences to their individual child/children. 
- Educators have the knowledge base, experience, current peer and professional resources to effect learning strategies.
- By sharing resources and alternatives through an objective medium such as this site, both parties can expand their abilities to recognize when, and for whom, to effect change(s) in their own teaching methods and environments. 


- Create a cooperative, dynamic, Education focused community.
- Generate optional approaches to same/similar topic.
- Improve presentations and related skills.

- Develop alternate strategies for problem solving. 
- Refresh and recharge the content through method tweaking.
- Exam Question evaluation and alternatives.

- Expand resources for easy reference and use.
- Eliminate the emotional/personalized blocks to communication when addressing confrontational issues  e.g. Unions/Professionalism vs Strike Affects Student Progress
- Offer insight into each different world : teaching and parenting (focus and strengths of each)

- Provide web master assistance to both parents and educators who cannot develop their own website at this point in time. 


- Open to free submissions Nov. 1, 2000
- Site advertising in place by end August 2001
- Start a secure on-line Store for complete lesson packages or courses: Download and/or print/mail options.
- Add an opt in/out newsletter feature (Sept. 2001)

- (re)consider "feedback" feature. Due to aggregate properties, a true objective evaluation is unattainable. Subjectivity dilutes the qualitative analyses.
Sepember 2000 JM
Revised May 2001 JM

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