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In the true meaning and founding spirit of co-operation, these cross border authors have collaborated to bring you their vision of education today and for tomorrow. All of us; Parents, Educators and Students, must keep learning and trying to improve our skills - both in and out of the classroom. 

Texas born Elaine Ernst Schneider has been writing since she was a teenager and has published articles, songs, and children's work. A graduate of the University of Texas in Austin, Elaine entered the classroom as a special education teacher in the 1970's. Over the years, she has taught mainstream English, music K-12, deaf education, psychology, Algebra, creative writing, social studies, psychology, law, and science in both public and private schools. In the 1990's, Elaine created an adaptive education program and implemented a student teacher program in a cooperative effort with the University of West Florida. In the reciprocity agreement, Elaine received masters level course enrollment in exchange for training teachers in her classroom. She opted to take the masters level courses in the area of learning disabilities. Through the West Florida program and the actual classroom demands of her adaptive education program, Elaine learned to create curriculum that met the students' needs.  Reading levels and test scores improved and Elaine knew she was creating curriculum that was "user friendly" and student navigable. This led to more curriculum writing. Today, Elaine writes curriculum for several companies, as well as freelance articles on education.

Joanne Mikola is a retired/expired Operating Room Registered Nurse. Her nursing career progressed through staff, Team Leader and O.R. management positions at various hospitals in the Toronto area, but her heart was always in the Trauma Center at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center. She spent six years in a Teaching Master position at Humber College of Applied Arts and Sciences in Toronto, Ontario, Canada relaying her love of organized chaos and innovation to all of her Operating Room Post Graduate students. Her article "O.R. Preceptors Promote Competence" published in the Canadian Operating Room Nursing Journal, was recognized as the winner of the first national Surgikos Canada Award, 1983. Joanne has always believed that the term professional is synonymous with role model; that every one of us has the potential to be a mentor to someone else; and that knowledge should be shared, not hoarded.  Her debut to the .com world has been relatively recent but already she has shown a great aptitude and the requisite stamina for success. She now understands much more fully why the secretaries always hid when she approached their desks... Re-writes, new ideas and radical proposals... Now she has to make all those changes herself!

Dr. Hotlist's Site of the Week
January, 2005
Dr. Hotlist is otherwise known as Odvard Egil Dyrli, senior editor of District Administration Magazine and emeritus professor of education at the University of Connecticut.

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