Bee Worksheet (true/false)
by Lisa Hawkins
November 1, 2000

A bee review 



Read each statement carefully, then write T (true) or F (false) after the statement.

1. All honey tastes the same.    _____

2. Honey is stored by the bees in a honeycomb.   _____

3. Bears and skunks eat bees.   _____

4. Bee scouts attend weekly meetings and wear uniforms.   ____

5. Bees are hairy so they can pollinate flowers, wasps are not hairy and do not pollinate flowers.   _____

6. Bees have 2 main body sections the head and thorax.   _____

7. Killer African bees were brought to Brazil to increase honey production and accidentally got let go in the wild.   _____

8. Honey bees may sting over and over again.   _____

9. Without bees some trees and plants could not survive.   _____

10. Bees have six legs.   _____ 

Submitted by:  © Lisa Hawkins Lisa Hawkins is a Homeschooling Mom of two boys.  She is a freelance writer and has written for  Home Education Magazine. She is also the Content Manager for Homeschooling Science at suite101. Lisa enjoys crafts, gardening, bird watching, outdoor activities and most of all, being a Mom.  Send a note to Lisa
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