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Easy-to-follow patterns, detailed instructions and colorful photos make activity projects a breeze for families and classrooms. 
 Bee Activities
by Lisa Hawkins
November 1, 2000

These activities go along with my other articles, making a complete bee unit study.

Make bees wax candles. You can get sheets of bees wax at craft stores and many come with wicks. Also included are directions for making regular candles and taper candles.

Make a model bee. Use foam balls for the head, thorax and abdomen. Attach them together with toothpicks. Paint the 3 body parts. Use pipe cleaners for the legs and to form the wings. Glue paper onto the wing forms or just leave the wing forms plain. Use a pipe cleaner for the tongue. Use beads for the eyes.

Learn what is included in a bee sting kit.

Discuss what the expressions "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar", "Make a bee-line for it", "She's the Queen Bee" or "As busy as a bee" means. Can you think of any more bee expressions?

Submitted by:  © Lisa Hawkins Lisa Hawkins is a Homeschooling Mom of two boys.  She is a freelance writer and has written for  Home Education Magazine.  She is also the Content Manager for Homeschooling Science at suite101. Lisa enjoys crafts, gardening, bird watching, outdoor activities and most of all, being a Mom.  Send a note to Lisa
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