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Medieval Worksheet
by Kathryn Martinez
July 8, 2001


Armor in the Middle Ages was very expensive. Only full knights could afford a full suit of armor. Horses could also be outfitted with armor. But armor was not just a simple set of clothes, its very complicated. In fact, it took two men to dress a knight in his armor. See if you can identify each piece of armor.

Parts of a suit of armor:

Shoulder Piece
Coat of Mail
Elbow Piece

Description of each piece:

Brassard = armor that protects the arm.
Coat of Mail = mesh or net made of small metal rings or links that was worn under the suite of armor. Also known as Chain Mail.
Cuirass = a breast plate from the neck to the waist.
Cuisse = a piece of steel that covered the thighs.
Elbow Piece = metal piece that covered the knee, but allowed it to bend.
Gauntlet = a glove.
Gorget = a collar of metal that protected the throat.
Greave = the piece of armor that covered the leg from the ankle to the knee.
Helmet = metal head covering.
Sabaton = the armor piece that covered the foot.
Shoulder Piece = metal that covered the shoulders.
Tasset = overlapping plates of metal that formed a short skirt around the hips
Visor = the moveable part of the helmet in front of the eyes.

Knights could also carry shields, swords, a mace, and other forms of Medieval weaponry.

Submitted by: Copyright © Kathryn Martinez Hello. I'm a SAHM, home schooling mother of 4 children, 1 husband, and a neurotic cat. This is our sixth year of home schooling. I worked for over 10 years at USF in an education and training department. I hope that by sharing my experience with other home schoolers, both the new and the not-so-new and those just considering home schooling, I will pass along all the help that was given to me when I first started out.
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