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Pioneering the Future
Women of Acheivement Born in 19th Century Mississippi
Educational Activity Booklet
by Jess Williams, © March, 2004

As you read through this study of these amazing women, I think you need to keep in mind why what they did was so amazing. Mississippi was a very cruel place for women in a lot of ways during the nineteenth century. Most people had no running water, no electricity, none of the modern amenities. Whatever they did have, they had slaved to earn. Their was a lot of racial prejudice.

People were still being hanged at the courthouses right after their trial
seventy years ago in the more rugged towns. Women were expected to get married at an early age, way before most of them had time to make up their own mind about anything. To bear lots of children, to cook and clean and do not much else. They really did not know any other way of life. It is really miraculous to me that these women formed their own opinions and decided what was right for themselves, instead of just following the path that their mothers and grandmothers before them had taken. There still is poverty and
prejudice in Mississippi, but a lot of progress is because of women like the ones you will read about.

I don’t mean to paint an ugly picture of the State that I have lived
in for the last fifteen years. We, like any other state, still have our problems. I hope that you will learn something from these women. If you look close enough, all of them have something to teach you.

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About the Author: Jessie Williams
Jessie is a 15 year old homeschooled Sophomore who loves to read, likes quotes and cooking. She prefers Ancient History, Bible History and studying the various beliefs and customs of different religions.. She tutored College Art History students in 2000. Honored as a freshman in  2003-2004 Who's Who Among American High School Students. In 2004 won the Outstanding Historian Award for outstanding works and exhibits of History throughout the community, Honored for Art Exhibit at Corinth Library in March 2004 of replicas of Ancient Historic Artifacts found in Egypt, Isreal, and Mesopotamia by the EAGLE Homeschool Association. She was Educational Assisstant for the Tishomingo County Courthouse Museum in early 2004. She was honored for developing curriculum and workshops that the Tishomingo County Courthouse Museum uses for teaching the county's history and decorating the State History room that included a displayed a timeline from the county's development to the present day. She was Assisstant Director for the EAGLE Homeschool Lending Library from 2002-2004 helping decide which books to purchase and catalog those books in coherent system to better meet the needs of local homeschoolers.

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