NUMBERS 1 10 : Kindergarten Curriculum
Joanne Mikola July, 2001


Color the shape with three (3) sides green.
Color the shape with four (4) equal sides the same color as your hair.
Color a shape with four (4) unequal sides purple.
Color a shape with five (5) sides orange.
Color a shape with six (6) sides blue.
STOP! Color the shape with eight (8) sides red.
How many sides do the stars have? Color both yellow.
How many sides does a circle have? Use your favorite color for this one.

Submitted by:  © Joanne Mikola  I am a retired/expired Trauma O.R. Nurse who still thrives on blood, guts and crises. Give me a book, and I will relish every page. Give me a pen, and I can only stare hopelessly at the implications. Drop a note to Joanne
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