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It's Time for the PSAT/NMSQT!
The annual PSAT/NMSQT testing isn't all that significant to home schoolers, EXCEPT that it is the only way to qualify for National Merit Scholarships. by David and Laurie Callihan

Looking Ahead to College
The "Great College Search" does not have to be the high stress process of which we often hear. Learn more about how to get organized, how colleges assess homeschoolers, and review widely used exams for college acceptance and/or credit.
Maggie Hogan. October 15, 2002

Read any good math lately?
I have always hated math. When I decided to homeschool I never thought past the basic four- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. When my oldest announced that he wanted to be an engineer and an astronaut, I panicked!
Holly Furgason August 22, 2001

Home Schooling. Mom as Teacher
"My biggest hurdles when I have taught my kids were my own limitations. I did not want my children to be weak in the same subject areas I had less training, or lacked natural ability, in." Former educator speaks to teaching strategies for at home learning.
by Elaine Ernst Schneider   August 30, 2000

The Story of Two Desperate, Burned Out, Homeschool Moms
New to homeschooling, these two moms decided that they needed a consistent, weekly plan for all the enriching activities they thought their children needed. Learning Centers Day was born. by Robyn Bray May 12, 2001

Learning Disorders and Home Schooling: Central Auditory Processing Disorder 
As home school parents, we have to know when we are in over our heads and when to seek help. This goes for both physical and mental challenges - like central auditory processing disorder that our son was diagnosed with at age 5.
by David Weathers, May 10, 2001

The Evils Of Mandatory Testing 
As home schooling grows as a movement, there is increasing politics from anti-home school forces to try to interfere with or legislatively control home schoolers.
David Weathers ,May 5, 2001

Starting A Homeschool Group Part 1 
Helpful tips I wish I had know when I started our local home school group.
by Lee Ann Wirebaugh  October 15, 2000

Starting A Homeschool Group Part 2 
Now you have found other at home learners and their families, where do you meet and what do you do? Read our experienced hints and tips and organizational plans to see if what we do might work for you. by Lee Ann Wirebaugh  October 15, 2000

Starting A Homeschool Group Part 3 
This is the last of my advice on this subject. Not all of my hints and tips may work for you, but they might spark your own creativity in their wake. Good luck.
by Lee Ann Wirebaugh  October 15, 2000

Been There. Done that.
Teens evaluate their experience of homeschooling and traditional schooling.
Karen Paulson November 25, 2000

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