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Grammar Grade 11

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High School Grammar: Test yourself on Punctuation, Participles and Gerunds, Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement and more...


Mozart/Beethoven Grammar and Creative Writing Assignment
Practice the five parts of a letter:  heading, salutation, body, closing, and signature. Adapted for Grade 5-7; Gr. 8-9; and 10-12.  Elaine Ernst Schneider June 9, 2001

"Myself" and Other Reflexive Pronouns
The words "myself," "himself," "herself," "ourselves," and "themselves" are reflexive pronouns. Reflexive use is not often addressed in grammar books.
Elaine Ernst Schneider January 31, 2001

That Dratted Apostrophe 
Sometimes used for plural forms of words, but mostly not. Certainly used to denote possession . . . except with those pesky possessive pronouns. What ARE the rules? you ask. 
 Elaine Ernst Schneider September 27, 2000

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