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Children Just Like Me
May 2001 Edition: Concise Atlas of the World

Printable Worksheets: United States and Capital (Capitol) Cities and related Maps
Geographical and alphabetical reference lists of states and capitals plus four assignments and worksheets to re-inforce learning.

Printable Worksheets: 
Map of Canada - Provinces and Territories
                        - Capital Cities 
Joanne Mikola March 25, 2001

Print Ready Worksheets:
Blank Outline Map of Continental United States
Blank Map of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii
Print and label. 
Joanne Mikola August 31, 2001

Interactive puzzle map: The Mississippi River.
Great re-inforcement tool for learning what States the river borders and runs through. Can you name all 10 States? Includes midi file 'Ol Man River' sequenced by Roly Wright and used with permission. J Mikola Dec. 3, 2001
Printable assignment worksheet: The Mississippi River J Mikola

Interactive Puzzle United States Capital Cities
Includes National Anthem 'Star Spangled  Banner' midi file
Joanne Mikola March 31, 2001

Interactive Puzzle map of Canada
Includes National anthem 'Oh, Canada' midi file.
Joanne Mikola, March 25, 2001

Interactive Puzzle Map Headline Countries
Selected Countries of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Do you know where Afghanistan is? Joanne Mikola September 17, 2001 

Interactive Puzzle Map Europe circa 2000 AD
This one is not for the faint of heart! Flags courtesy of and used with permission. Thanks also to our viewer, Bob Ross for this request. 
Joanne Mikola August 15, 2001

Links Of Note
50  State information resource links to state homepage, symbols, flags, maps, constitutions, representitives, songs, birds, flowers, trees...
Educator's Resource links for everything related to education.
Learn about Canada's geography through texts and maps; use the interactive mapping tool; try the quiz and visit the teaching resources section.
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