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Nouns - Answer Key

List the nouns in the following sentences. Mark C for common and P for proper.

1. The mayor suggested that the boy clean up Wilmington Statue for his community service project. 

           mayor-C boy-C Wilmington Statue-P project-C 

(note: community and service are adjectives here, describing the noun "project." They are not nouns in this sentence.)

2. Two friends water-skied on Lake Erie. 

               friends-C Lake Erie-P

3. The twins, who are from the large city of Houston, are vacationing in Canada all next month. 

                twins-C city-C Houston-P Canada-P month-C 

4. The teacher asked the student to report on the country of France. 

            teacher-C student-C country-C France-P

5. The address on the envelope clearly read Mexico. 

            address-C envelope-C Mexico-P

6. The witness's story was about a man fleeing from a building. 

            story-C man-C building-C

      (Note: "witness" might be a noun in some other sentence. Here, the apostrophe 
       makes it a possessive used as an adjective describing the noun "story.")

7. The factory blew into a thousand pieces. 

           factory-C pieces-C

8. Mary was so excited that she ran all the way home. 

           Mary-P home-C

9. The journal by Hemingway was found after his death. 

          journal-C Hemingway-P death-C

10. Tractors are good for farming and also for young boys and girls who want to practice their driving skills.

          tractors-C farming-C boys-C girls-C skills-C

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