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Creative Writing  Lesson - By the Old Mill Stream

25 Mini-Lessons for Teaching Writing : Quick Lessons That Help Students Become Effective Writers (Teaching Strategies)
by Adele Fiderer
The Big Book of Ready-To-Go Writing Lessons : 50 Engaging Activities With Graphic Organizers That Teach Kids How to Tell a Story, Convey Marcia Miller, Martin Lee

Objective(s): By the end of this lesson the student will be able to:  demonstrate correct spelling, strong sentence structure, and standard punctuation.


Basic writing skills should include correct spelling, strong sentence structure, and standard punctuation. For our lesson, we will write a paragraph. Have it corrected for the above-mentioned errors and then hang on to it! Next week, we will do some dissecting and rebuilding of the paragraph - a fun reconstruction wherein we can try out some variety
of style. 

          The Topic:

          By the Old Mill Stream

Elementary: You are on a field trip with other kids your age. Lunch is planned by a stream. As you look down the stream, you can still see the old textile mill. It is abandoned now. Or it SHOULD be abandoned? Who - or what - do you see? 

Junior High and High School: You and the love of your life have packed a picnic lunch. Finding the "perfect" spot by a stream, you begin unpacking lunch onto the yellow checked blanket you have spread on the ground. You are thinking how wonderful it is, so quiet, so private. You stand and look down the stream toward the old textile mill. You wonder if some other couple long ago sat by the stream. Then you notice someone behind a tree not so far away - a girl in a long flowing dress. Could it be someone from days gone by? Who is it and why is she here? Is she looking for someone?

Pre-Requisite To:  By the Old Mill Stream - Part 2

Submitted by:  © Elaine Ernst Schneider  is a freelance writer and a teacher. She has been writing since high school and has published articles, songs, and children's work. Presently, Elaine is a curriculum author for Group Publishing and also writes the City Songs column for ezine.  Send a note to Elaine.
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