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Verb/Noun Agreement
Underline the correct choice:

1. The orders from that company (is, are) on your desk there.

2. Thirty dollars (is, are) too much to pay for that.

3. The man around the corner from the sandlots (come, comes) to our meetings.

4. Here (is, are) some reasons you may not want to go on that trip.

5. Strawberries and peaches (are, is) my favorite dessert.

6. Neither the man nor his little girls (was, were) injured in the accident.

7. The windows in the living room (was, were) shattered by the storm.

8. The pictures in this new magazine (shows, show) the rugged beauty of the west.


Direct Objects, Indirect Objects, and Objects of the Infinitive
Circle the direct objects, underline indirect objects, and put an X over the objects of the infinitive:

1.  The boys wanted to see the movie.

2. Danny threw his dad the newspaper and decided to leave the house.

3. She saw that the boy was drinking both milk and juice with his meal.

4. Joís greatest dream was to go skiing.


Predicate Nouns and Direct Objects
Circle the predicate nouns, underline the direct objects, and put an X over the objects of the preposition in the following sentences:

1. Sarah is a nurse for the large hospital on Medical Row.

2. Danny threw the ball over the fence.

3. The submarine USS John Marshall can launch missiles under the water.

4. The navy did not use airplanes and aircraft carriers extensively until World War II.

5. Samís dad was a navy pilot on an aircraft carrier during World War II.

Find the conjunctions in the following sentences and circle them. Indicate a coordinating conjunction by writing C above it. Write an S above a subordinating conjunction. Remember that subordinating conjunctions introduce dependent clauses.

1. I remember that old book, for it was once mine.

2. I havenít seen my brother since he left for college.

3. Sarah did not feel well, but she went to class anyway.

4. Although the old man was hungry, he never said a word to us.

5. He listened to the manís story and reported it to the policeman on duty.

6. You must not start the game until the whistle sounds.


Find the independent clauses in the following sentences. Underline them. Then circle the dependent clauses.

1. When Suzie saw her dad, he was reading the paper by the pool.

2. I answered the phone on the third ring because I was running in from outside.

3. Although Iíve told him this again and again, Sam still refuses to believe it.

4. My mother loves me, though sometimes I donít know why.


Words Easily Confused
Select the best choice:

1. The thundering applause showed how deeply the presentation had (affected, effected) the audience.

2. (Lie, Lay) that book over here while you (lie, lay) down for a nap. You should have (lay, laid, lain) here much sooner!

3. (Sit, Set) down and talk to me. You can (sit, set) the dishes out later.

4. I donít know how I could (lose, loose) such a big dress. It is so large that it is (lose, loose) on me when I wear it!

5. Is the gas station much (father, farther, further) down this road?

6. Fortunately, Jimís name was (accepted, excepted) from the roster of those who would have to clean bathrooms because he was supposed to go downtown to (accept, except) a reward for the German Club.


Verb Tense
Look at the verb given before each sentence. Read the sentence carefully to determine what tense is best for the verbís usage in the sentence. Circle the best answer:

Run       1.  When I saw her pass the house, I ________ after her. 

                                  run,  runned,  ran, ranned

Go         2.  She should have _________ on that trip.

                                   went, go, gone, goed

Swim     3.  The boy called for help, and I ______ out to him.

                                   swum, have swam, swam

Drink     4.   During the flood, we ________ bottled water.

                                    dranked, drank, drunk, drunked

Think     5.   Who would have _________ that the way to the city was through a forest?

                                     thunk, thought, thinked, thoughted

Bring     6.    I donít like the fact that Sarah _______ her little brother to the party.

                                     brung, bringed, brought, broughted

Choose  7.    She didnít understand why the farmer ________ that kind of seed.

                                     choosed, chose, chosed

Tear      8.    The coach thought he had ______ a ligament.

                                       torn, teared, tore

Drive     9.    How far have you _______ today?

                                      drove, drived, driven

Write    10.    I have _______ my report already.

                                      wrote, written, writed 


Participles and Gerunds
Underline participial phrases with one line and gerunds with two lines.

1. Skiing is his favorite sport.

2. Singing in the shower, Vonnie could not hear the doorbell ring.

3. Robertís parents hoped that he would choose drafting as his career.

4. The cat, seeing the dog, scampered to the nearest tree.

5. Whistling and humming softly, the artist worked patiently.

6. Jan, thinking that she had failed the geometry test, started to cry.

7. Darin turned to coaching after he hurt his knee.

8. ďThe problem is the testing,Ē the teacher said. 


Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement
Circle the correct choice:

1. There (is, are) two ways to make enemies.

2. If one of your friends (tell, tells) you a secret, you should not turn it into gossip.

3. Gail and Sue (make, makes) friend easily.

4. (Were, Was) neither of the twins in the Easter Parade?

5. Everyone in the class (laugh, laughs) at my jokes.

6. Nan and Alma bought (her, their) own tickets.

7. She or Sally will sell you (her, their) ticket.

8. One of the men forgot to bring (his, their) tools.

9. Both of the boys had (his, their) notes handy.

10. Anybody can pass this course if (they, he) will work.

11. Neither of the desks (are, is) high enough for me.

Add the proper punctuation to the following sentences:

1. The boys hats were lost in the water because they were careless in not lashing them to the side of the boat

2. There are two s s in that word although I donít know why it is spelled like that

3. The dog lost its collar when digging for bones in the soft dirt beside the river

4. Its an honor to accept the awards certificates and medals presented to the club

5. When Suzie arrived at the dance no one else was there

6. She got out of the car she waved hello and she walked into the house

7. Several people wandered about in the mall looking for the lollipop display but when they could not find it they went home 

8. The president of the company got the idea from his smartest employee and then put his own name on it

9. Sarah saw the problem with the burning car she immediately ran for help.

10.  Sarah saw the problem with the burning car and she ran for help

11.  Worried and frayed the old man paced the floor waiting for his daughter

12.  When certain chemicals are mixed together the result can be disastrous therefore it is important to understand the nature of the mixture before actually pouring them into a test tube

13. The young girls idea of love was really different from the concept that her 
grandmothers stories presented

14.  I asked that you not do that

15. The boy yelled Please help me

16. Yes that happened back in 80

17.  She asked Have you done that yet

18.  The bridge was elegant a symbol of its own strength and beauty

19.  The victory was ours

20. That computer program is Jane and Sams 



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