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Little is Much
A Children's Christian Musical by Elaine Ernst Schneider

A note from author and songwriter, Elaine Ernst Schneider:

"Yes, the musical would be very good for K-4. I've done it myself with that age group. It is written for the main characters of a little worm (that turns into a butterfly) and Little Lamb. As far as format, you would find the script is flexible. One time, I used puppets; but another time, we didn't have a puppet stage, so two children dressed up as the characters instead.

It is extremely user-friendly and I know this because I've performed it several times myself, modifying and fine-tuning it each time to get it to this point! Now it's ready for you!"

Disc 1: Table of Contents


 1. Prologue 0:39 Little is Much
 2. Scene I 1:04 Can He Use Me?
 3. A Plan For You and Me
 4. Scene II  0:48 What If?
 5. Scene III  0:36  God Said "I'm All That You Need"
 6. Scene IV  0:55 Looking Through the Eyes of God
 7. Little is Much Reprise 1:24 Epilogue


 8. Little is Much
 9. Can He Use Me?
10. A Plan For You and Me
11. What If?
12. God Said "I'm All That You Need" 
13. Looking Through the Eyes of God    
14. Little is Much Reprise     

Listen to our working midi samples:
(The CD tracks are all computer enhanced and of much higher quality)

Disc 2: Table of Contents

Table of Contents (pg. 3)
Prologue (pg. 4)
Little is Much Lyrics (Reproducible) (pg. 5)
Little is Much Sheet Music (pg. 6 - 9)
Scene I (pg. 10)
Can He Use Me? Lyrics
(Reproducible) (pg.11)
Can He Use Me? Sheet Music (pg. 12 - 14)
Can He Use Me? Adaptation for American Sign Language (Reproducible) (pg. 15 - 20)
Staging (pg. 21)
A Plan For You and Me Lyrics
(Reproducible) (pg. 22)
A Plan For You and Me Sheet Music (pg. 23 - 25)
Scene II (pg. 26)
What If? Lyrics (Reproducible) (pg. 27)
What If? Sheet Music (pg. 28 - 36)
Scene III (pg. 37)
God Said, "I'm All That You Need" Lyrics (Reproducible) (pg. 38)
God Said, "I'm All That You Need" Sheet Music (pg. 39 - 44)
Scene IV (pg. 45)
Looking Through The Eyes of God Lyrics (Reproducible) (pg. 46)
Looking Through The Eyes of God Sheet Music (pg. 47 - 50)
Looking Through The Eyes of God Adaptation for American Sign Language (Reproducible) (pg. 51 - 57 )

Staging (pg. 58)
Little is Much Reprise Lyrics
(Reproducible) (pg. 59)
Little is Much Reprise Sheet Music (pg. 60 - 63)
Epilogue (pg. 64)
About the Author and Songwriter Elaine Ernst Schneider (pg. 65)

NOTE: You will need the FREE Adobe Reader 5.0, 6.0 or 7.0 program installed on your computer in order to read and print these PDF files. You can download this, free. Click Here

Sample page:
Scene I

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If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the author and songwriter, Elaine Ernst Schneider, directly. Click here to send Elaine an email.

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