#45 An Everyday Habit

SCRIPTURE:  Psalm 145:2

GIFT: calendar for the new year
Soon we will be starting a new year! It’s always hard for me to begin using the new 
“year numbers.” But after awhile, I will remember and it will become a habit. I’ll just know that those numbers name this year and I probably won’t even think about it anymore. I’ll just do it.

There are other things that we do that become habits. Some habits are bad. But we have many habits that are good ones. For example, it’s a good habit to brush your teeth after every meal. It’s a good habit to make your bed each morning. It’s a good habit to put your bike away so that it won’t be run over in the driveway. After awhile, we will do those things so often that – just like learning the numbers for the new year – we won’t even think about them anymore.

Psalm 145:2 is a favorite verse of mine. It reminds us to bless the Lord and praise his name every day. I wonder if we might make that a good habit. I like that idea. After all, what could be more important than praising the Lord?  Let’s make it a good habit to bless the Lord and praise him every day!

I have a calendar for you. When you look at the calendar, let it remind you to bless the Lord. You might want to begin each morning with a prayer that dedicates the day ahead of you to God. Or you might be more comfortable with praying at night before you go to bed. The hour doesn’t matter. But it does help to make it the same time every day because then it becomes a habit and you won’t forget.

Let’s bow our heads and say a prayer that blesses the Lord and praises him. 

 Lord, I thank you for being who you are. You are the God
 of all creation. Thank you for making me. And thank you,
 Jesus, for loving me so much that you died for me. Thank 
 you for blessing my life. I praise you, Lord. And I love you.   

from 52 Children's Moments. A Treasure for Every Week of the Year by Elaine Ernst Schneider

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"Wanted to let you know, I used #11 of the children's moments last week and recevied a lot of positive feedback. It was nice to have a clear, straight forward, and TRUE  message to share with the children. I especially appreciate the memory gift suggestions.  I had playdough that was mixed together to a sort of clay gray color. I was surprised how many children and even adults were interested in the clay. I could see the children taking it all in with something hands on to grasp the story even better.  A few boys stayed after the moment's were over because they hadn't been passed the "clay".  I hope God continues to bless your ministry!  Thanks!   C.S. Nov. 2002

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