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Two, Too, and To - Who Knew? 
      by Elaine Ernst Schneider 
    September 13, 2000 

            Two is a number. 

              She counted, "One, two, three."

              Too is an adverb that can mean also. 

          He wanted to go too.

              Too is an adverb that can mean more than enough.

          This is too much for me!

              To plus a noun or noun phrase is a preposition.

          Take me to the ball game.

            I went to bed early that night.

              To plus a verb is an infinitive.

          She wanted to go.

            He decided to run away.

              Choose the correct two, too, or to for each of the blanks below:

     1. Many students read _____ quickly and _____ carelessly. 
     2. I was _____ scared _____ say a word to her! 
     3. I am going _____ the store now. 
     4. They are building _____ new houses on our block. 
     5. May I go _____? 
     6. Do you think it is _____ late _____ do that now? 
     7. I have _____ new shirts that I can't wait _____ wear. 
     8. My dental appointment lasted _____ hours and that was _____ long! 
     9. This room is _____ cold _____ stay in very much longer. 
   10. After I played raquetball for _____ hours, I was _____ tired _____ walk home.
   11. It is not good _____ put _____ much salt on your food. 
   12. My next dental appointment is for tomorrow at _____ o'clock. 
   13. I am not _____ excited about going _____ the dentist again. 
   14. My brother flew _____ Alabama earlier this week. 
   15. We have planted _____ rose bushes in pots on the patio.

(CUT Here)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

              ANSWER KEY:

                1.Too, too 
                2.Too, to 
                6.Too, to 
                7.Two, to 
                8.Two, too 
                9.Too, to
               10.Two, too, to 
               11.To, too 
               13.Too, to 


Submitted by:  © Elaine Ernst Schneider  is a freelance writer and a teacher. She has been writing since high school and has published articles, songs, and children's work. Presently, Elaine is a curriculum author for Group Publishing and also writes the City Songs column for ezine.  Jot a note to this Consultant


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