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Dear Janet... An Answer to Assignment One Challenge
by Debbie Tipton
September 21, 2000

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Janet Good
1230 Huntington Rd.
Norlake, Indiana

September 20, 2000

Dear Janet:

I have just returned from my latest trip to Hawaii. I could not wait to write and tell you all about it.

I stayed in Lahaina, which is on the western coast of Maui. The beauty was overwhelming. Palm trees were everywhere. The town is of great historic value and in the 1950's was the center of the Pacific whaling industry.

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to go diving among the coral reefs. It was amazing and was enough to take my breath away. Being one with the ocean and the many creatures that call it home is not something that I will soon forget. As I was swimming among the many schools of fish, I felt a peace like nothing I can ever explain.

The hotel was so quaint and laid back. Shorts and sandals were good enough even for the dining room. When I wanted to get dressed for dinner, a short trip down the road brought me to just the right spot.

And Janet, you could not believe the sunsets. For many years now, I have been telling you about the Colorado sunsets and how nothing could compare. I must admit that with all of their beauty, they can not compare to the orange ball setting over the ocean. The glow it makes on the water is unbelievable.

It's time for me to go, so much unpacking to do. I am looking forward to getting some pictures back so that I can share them with you.

Yours in Friendship



Submitted by: Copyright©Debbie Tipton 
I am a stay at home mother of six children. This year, I have once again decided to home school some of my children, and I am really enjoying it. I have chosen this method for special  reasons to help my children and they seem to do so much better with the one on one and are really thriving this year. I am very active in my church and have been elected to serve another year as Sunday School President. Life is busy at our house, but when we all work together, everything gets done and life is great. I enjoy writing and sharing experiences and concerns with others. I hope and pray that some of my works can be of benefit to each and everyone who stops by. Debbie

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