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Careers - General

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Take a practice run for the ACT or SAT College entrance exams.

Get That Job!: Job Applications
The Guidance Manual for the Christian Home School: A Parent's Guide for Preparing Home School Students for College or Career
Dynamite Networking for Dynamite Jobs :...
Power Interviews: Job-Winning Tactics from Fortune 500 Recruiters

It's Time for the PSAT/NMSQT!
The annual PSAT/NMSQT testing isn't all that significant to home schoolers, EXCEPT that it is the only way to qualify for National Merit Scholarships. by David and Laurie Callihan

Looking Ahead to College
The "Great College Search" does not have to be the high stress process of which we often hear. Learn more about how to get organized, how colleges assess homeschoolers, and review widely used exams for college acceptance and/or credit.
Maggie Hogan. October 15, 2002

Math Review for ACT College Entrance Exam Part I - The Review 
by Elaine Ernst Schneider   February 4, 2001

Preparing for College Entrance Exams – the ACT and SAT
College entrance exams are designed to test cumulative knowledge and deductive skills
by Elaine Ernst Schneider   January 18, 2001

Applying for a Teaching Position
Marketing yourself and showcasing your skills are essential to land the job of your choice. Learn how.  Elaine Ernst Schneider February 26, 2001

Interviewing for a Teaching Position
The application has been filled out and submitted, your references are turned in, and the waiting begins. Now what can you do to get this job?
Joanne Mikola & Elaine Ernst Schneider February 26, 2001

Enter Stage Fright... I mean Right.
Being prepared for that important interview or your first day of teaching will get you to the door. Then what do you do?Joanne Mikola February 25, 2001

The Perfect Pantry Series: Dorm Prep
Essentials to pack when you first move into a dorm.
Joanne Mikola, November 22, 2000

Personal Statement UCAS Writing Guide Offer UK UCAS personal statement help.
Personal Statement Writing Guide- Get Into Uni
Online directory of Trade Schools & Technical Vocational Colleges, career colleges, training institutes and online degree programs.
Nursing Schools - Guide to nursing education including a directory of nursing schools and extensive information about the nursing industry. Search for schools and request free information.
Schools in the USA College Search
College Athletic Scholarships. Sports Recruiting and how to apply for college financial aid.
Study Abroad in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, USA, Australia or New Zealand Non profit organization providing volunteer educational assistance in Central and Eastern Europe
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