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Target Audience : Students ages 9  and up

Let's Study Explorers- Have A Feast With Marco Polo
by Belinda Mooney
October 2, 2000

The Adventures of Marco and Polo 
by Dieter Wiesmuller (Illustrator), Beate Peter Dieter Wiesmuller
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Marco Polo : A Journey Through China (Expedition)
by Fiona MacDonald Reading level: Ages 9-12
Marco Polo and the Medieval Explorers...


  One of the things my children enjoy so very much is cooking! And they enjoy it especially when we add it into a unit we are doing. So here are some of the recipes that we found to use with our Marco Polo study. These are some Mongolian and Chinese recipes for you to enjoy as you do this study.

Fried Pooza 

Here is the recipe for the fried version of booz, khoorshoor. Dough and filling is the same as for booz. 

Mix flour and a little water (salting permitted) to make dough. Flatten the dough to a thickness of 2 or 3 mm. Use a glass to flatten the dough. Cut the dough into discs, roughly 10-15 cm in diameter. A cup or glass is useful as a pooza cutter. 

Fill the discs with minced lamb (with the fat). Put the disc of dough in your palm, put the minced meat on it. Fold the dough over it (you get a half-disc).Pinch the two dough layers together. No holes should be left, otherwise the juice of the meat will disappear. The khoorshhor is flat, about 2 cm thick. Fry both sides in lamb fat (although Mongolians in Hungary readily use sunflower oil). The colour of the fried dough should be light brown. It is crisp at the edges and soft in the middle.

Egg Drop Soup


1 T. cornstarch

1 tsp. salt 

2 T. cold water

1 tsp. chopped scallion

1 egg

3 cup clear chicken broth

Mix the water slowly into the cornstarch, stirring until there are no lumps. Break the egg into another bowl and beat with a fork. Put broth into a pot and bring to a boil over high heat. Add the salt. Stir the cornstarch and added it to the soup. Stir until the soup becomes clear & thick (approx. 1 min) Slowly pour the beaten egg into the soup. When all the egg has been added, stir once .Pour into bowls. Top with scallions.


1/2 c rice

2 TBS. sugar 

jam or honey

1 1/2 c . cold water

1/2c. flaked coconut

Put rice in saucepan and wash by adding enough water to cover and swishing it around. Drain. Pour water over rice and cover. Bring rice to a boil, then turn heat down to low. Cook about 8 min. (Brown rice will take longer) Some water will still remain in the pan. Drain the rice & save the water. Add enough cold water to equal 1 cup. Put the rice back in the pan with the cup of water. Add the coconut & stir. Cook over low heat until all the water is gone. Remove from heat and pour into a baking pan smoothing it out. Sprinkle it with sugar. Let cool for 20 minutes. Then refrigerate for 1 hour. Cut into square with the knife. Top each with jam or honey

KAJU (from India)

1/2 T oil 

1/2 lb. shelled raw cashews (unsalted)

1T salt

dash of cayenne pepper (opt)

Put oil in pan and heat it for half a minute. Add nuts and saute them for 3 minutes turning them over and over. Remove and drain on paper towels. Mix salt and pepper. Toss the nuts with the salt and pepper.


The Mongolians were nomads. They relied on the horse for almost all their needs. Meat, fuel, milk, hides, work. One of their favorite drinks is Kumiss, a fermented drink made from mare's milk. Kublai Khan kept a special herd of pure white mares just for this.

Tell what a nomad is..

Do an animal detective sheet on the horse

Did you know Kublai Khan had a postal courier system similar to the Pony Express?

Submitted by:  © Belinda Mooney  "Belinda Mooney is a homeschool mom of 7 children in their 14th year of homeschooling. She enjoys writing unit studies, reading, crafts, cooking and working on her websites. Belinda has written articles for The Toybox and Joyfull Noise magazines. She has been asked to contribute history content to Learning and Teaching Scotland for high schools in Scotland. Belinda is the content manager for,, and (coming soon). She is also the Thrifty tip guru at  If you would like to know whenever Belinda updates any of her web sites just subscribe to her newsletter -The Family Forum Jot a note to Belinda Mooney

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