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Target Audience : Students ages 9  and up

Let's Study Explorers
by Belinda Mooney
September 14, 2000

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Hello fellow homeschoolers.

Welcome to the world of explorers! Here are a few tips and helpful hints to get you started!

Plan to use a notebook for your children to keep their work in. We have one just for history with dividers for what we are studying. If you're not doing this I recommend you do. Use a binder, folder or whatever you like to add things as you go. Plastic sheet protectors are great for booklets and things to small to hole punch.

Use your timeline also. Whether on the wall or in your notebook, put all kinds of info on it. People, events, discoveries. Use a "paper-doll" pattern and decorate your timeline figures or use clip art or draw them yourself! Whatever works for your family.

Use lots of maps too!! Exploration is a wonderful area to learn geography in. Mark continents, countries and cities. Mark birthplaces, trade routes, imports and exports. Anything you can think of. Be creative! I recommend that you use a different map for each explorer.

I highly recommend Dinah Zikes Big Book of Books as a resource to own. It is a wonderful book. She shows you how to make all kinds of books with you children!!

We will be starting with Marco Polo and would love to share with your family what we are doing. Start out by getting some books from the library on him. I will be reading the Landmark book called The Adventures of Marco Polo aloud to my children. 

This is a good time also to review basic geography. My children will be reviewing or learning the basic continents. We will be also be covering basic map skills like learning how to read a map and using a map key. For younger ones learning things as simple as North, South, East & West is good foundation. Older children can also learn the major bodies of water at this time also .You could also make a papier maché globe. You can get directions for how to do this here:

So get your notebooks ready, make your timeline, build your globe and visit the library. Then we will be on our way! Watch for the next article on what we will do with our children while we learn about Marco Polo , Kublai Khan and China!

Footnote: My children are 10, 8, & 5½. I will also be teaching this to another 10 yr old and a 12 yr old. Thanks for reading  Belinda Mooney

Links of Note
Free Printable Outline Maps from This Eurasia map is a great start for this Marco Polo series.

Submitted by:  © Belinda Mooney  "Belinda Mooney is a homeschool mom of 7 children in their 14th year of homeschooling. She enjoys writing unit studies, reading, crafts, cooking and working on her websites. Belinda has written articles for The Toybox and Joyfull Noise magazines. She has been asked to contribute history content to Learning and Teaching Scotland for high schools in Scotland. Belinda is the content manager for,, and (coming soon). She is also the Thrifty tip guru at  If you would like to know whenever Belinda updates any of her web sites just subscribe to her newsletter -The Family Forum Jot a note to Belinda Mooney


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