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Target Audience : Students age 7 - 14

Geology Rocks - a great science resource!
    by Belinda Mooney
   September 14, 2000

Geology Rocks.
The Amazing Pop-Up Geography Book
Geography from A to Z : A Picture Glossary
GEOLOGY ROCKS - 50 Hands On Activities to Explore the Earth by Cindy Blobaum.

Need to add some pizzazz to your earth science study? Have a child really into rocks and dirt and don't know what to do? Need ideas for your 4-H club? Then Geology Rocks is the book for you!

This book by Williamson Publishing is a super resource for exploring, investigating, quaking & shaking your earth science or geology study.

Very well written for 7-14 year old students it is jammed packed with hands on activities. How good would you be at mining? Find out with a chocolate chip cookie and toothpicks. Grow your own crystals! Make a model of the earth you can eat.

With language links you even can throw in grammar!
Colorful graphics and kid pleasing pictures add to the fun while teaching you all about things like volcanoes and the earth! This is one book you may end up actually purchasing for your own library. 

Submitted by:  © Belinda Mooney  "Belinda Mooney is a homeschool mom of 7 children in their 14th year of homeschooling. She enjoys writing unit studies, reading, crafts, cooking and working on her websites. Belinda has written articles for The Toybox and Joyfull Noise magazines. She has been asked to contribute history content to Learning and Teaching Scotland for high schools in Scotland. Belinda is the content manager for,, and (coming soon). She is also the Thrifty tip guru at  If you would like to know whenever Belinda updates any of her web sites just subscribe to her newsletter -The Family Forum Jot a note to Belinda Mooney


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