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Unit Study: Let's Study Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt - Introduction Unit Study: Ancient Egypt: Part 1
Ancient Egypt - Pharaohs Unit Study: Ancient Egypt: Part 2
Ancient Egypt - Pharaohs and pyramidsUnit Study: Ancient Egypt: Part 3
Ancient Egypt - ReligionUnit Study: Ancient Egypt: Part 4
Ancient Egypt Activity: Make your own Pyramid Unit Study: Ancient Egypt: Make your own Pyramid

THEME OF THE WEEK : George WashingtonGeorge Washington - Thematic Unit
Social studies, history,and language arts activities and references for students age 7 - 14 inclusive.

THEME OF THE WEEK : Martin Luther KingUnit Study: Martin Luther King :
Lots of social studies, history,and language arts activities and references for students age 7 - 14 inclusive. Celebrate January 15 with knowledge. 

Egg in a Bottle 
This is a great science experiment that you can do with the kids. 

Theme of the Week : Bears
Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh, my! A Unit Study on bears for K-6

Explorer Unit Study Articles
Let's Study Explorers 
Let me share with your family what ours plans to do as we study explorers.
Marco Polo Pt 1 
Let's begin our journey with Marco Polo. I will tell you some basic facts and give you lots of ideas to do with your children for this unit study.
Marco Polo worksheet 1 
Worksheet I made to go with Let's Study Explorers: Marco Polo Pt 1
Marco Polo Pt 2 
...continuing our Unit Study on explorers.
Marco Polo Pt 3
Marco Polo continues his journeys at the court of Kublai Khan
Have a Feast with Marco Polo
Marco Polo Pt 4
Marco Polo worksheet 2
Another worksheet made by me to go along with the study. 
Marco Polo Word Search 
A fun word search to go with the Unit Study or for anyone who likes puzzles!
Animal Detective Sheet
Explorer Research Sheet Explorer Research Sheet

        Book Reviews

Geology Rocks - Great science resourceBook Review : Geology Rocks...

Civil War for Kids - a book reviewBook Review : A Civil War For Kids


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