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ADD and ADHD Home Page

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Being In Control
Learn natural, holistic techniques for increasing your success in school. This integrative therapy introduces relaxation exercises, biofeedback, yoga, nutrition, with proven study strategies you can do at home. By Jason Alster MSc
Raising Your Spirited Child : A Guide for Parents Whose Child Is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, and Energetic by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

Confessions of a High School Student with ADHD
Life as a teenager with ADHD is not a fun journey, because high school takes a lot of work, and ADHD sufferers are generally swamped with hard work and not enough time to finish it all.  Marty Weis, April 30, 2004

Suggestions from a High School Student with ADHD
I am a high school student with ADHD, the worst diagnosable disorder for the category "attention deficit". It almost literally slaps a label upon my forehead that says, "Hyperactive and Unfocused". Marty Weis, April 30, 2004

10 Steps to Higher Grades for Your ADD Child 
Learn creative hints and tips to help your child learn. This gives a parent the steps needed to set up an IEP for their child. by Katherine T. West    September 18, 2000

Being in Control. The Role of Biofeedback in Controlling ADD
ADD is an attention deficit disorder not a stress disorder- or is it? A closer look at the histories of my patients began to show that up to 75 percent of the ADD children had other medical problems accompanying the ADD. Could these associative medical problems exacerbate the ADD? If so, then relaxation assisted biofeedback would be a better treatment than medication. 
by Jason Alster, MSc. October 10, 2002

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder
Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD) is really a misnomer and implies a deficit in attention. However, many children with this disorder focus perfectly fine on subjects of their own choosing (such as watching TV and playing Nintendo). The problem resides in an inability to regulate (i.e. initiate, maintain, and shift) attention to cognitively challenging tasks of someone else's choosing.
by Michael Levin, M.D., August 6, 2002

Helping Children with ADD Focus in the Classroom
This educator shares her special insights into ADD and classroom management strategies based on her own personal experience and ADD diagnoses. by Jan Zeiger, April 22,2001

ADD Child or Simply a "Spirited" Child?
This examines the difference between an ADD child and a "spirited" child. This is a term from the book "Raising your Spirited Child" by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. by Katherine West October  27, 2000

Homework Help: The Dog Ate My Homework! 
Helpful hints for everyone, including children with ADD and/or ADHD tendencies
by Katherine West October 15, 2000

26 Positive Things about ADD and 46 Famous People With ADD
This is an inspiring article with a comprehensive list of the positive traits of ADD, and famous people with the disorder that changed our world. This list will suprise you! by Katherine T. West    September 17, 2000

Learning 4 Life: Living with ADD/ADHD 
This is Issue #1 of this new column for parents and teachers of ADD and/orADHD children. Learn both common sense tips and revolutionary techniques for dealing with this disorder. by Katherine T. West    September 17, 2000

Classroom Tips for Your ADD Child
The pet peeve patrol focuses on the education system. Here are specific tips to help your ADD child! by Katherine T. West,    September 18, 2000

The Positive Side of ADD
Learn new ways to interact with ADD kids and all kids for that matter. This article is full of practical advice for any parent or teacher with an emphasis on the positive effects of this disorder.
by Katherine T. West    September 18, 2000

Keys to understanding and treatment of ADD written by a Pediatric Neurologist

Links of Note
Planning an I.E.P is quick and easy with this accomodation checklist.
The ADD ADHD Help Center Research-based information about symptoms, causes of ADD, ADHD; and alternatives to medications often used to promote learning in a drug-free environment.
From basics to the most current research, Learning Disabilities Online can offer support and insight in every category. Great coverage of ADD/ADHD that is not universally accepted as a handicap to learning.
ADD Helpline

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