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                                                                   Number Sense and Numeration Grade 3

Printable Multiplication Tables
0 - 12 inclusive x times tables. Make your own flashcards for learning and studying.
Joanne Mikola May, 2005

Print ready Multiplication Tables: Grid Chart
 0 - 15 times (x) tables
Joanne Mikola December, 2002

Print ready Multiplication Tables: Grid Chart
10 - 20 times (x) tables 
Joanne Mikola December, 2002

Print ready Multiplication Tables: Grid Chart - .pdf download
0 - 50 times (x) tables  Prints on 4 pages. If you are not allowed a calculator in class, most teachers will permit this multiplication grid chart. You will need the free AdobeReader5.0 in order to read and print this file. Download the updated version here:
Joanne Mikola December, 2002

Blank Grid Charts Test yourself! Great for long trips, rainy days and timed contests! Joanne Mikola September, 2001

Review Quiz 0 - 10 Joanne Mikola September, 2001

Quick Quiz 10 - 20 Joanne Mikola September, 2001

Print ready Blank Grid Page for longhand multiplication and division practice
Joanne Mikola September, 2001



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