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Learn American Sign Language (ASL) and Signed English (SE)


Comprehensive Signed English Dictionary: A Complete Guide to Using the Signed English System (The Signed English Series)

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Learning to sign The Pledge or the Girl Scout Promise using asl
The Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled Banner, Boy and Girl Scout Pledges and more Adpated for ASL Signs
O Canada! Adapted for ASL Signs
Printable Flashcard Series:
ASL Alphabet
Basic ASL Signs
ASL Survival Signs
Baby Signs
Baby Signs, TOO!
Signs of Winter
Signs of Summer
Signs of Fall
All sets include pictures as well as words and phrase descriptions of all included signs.
Introducing ASL to Pre-School - K Learners
Includes pictures as well as word and phrase descriptions of the actions for Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and 5 Little Froggies. Also available: Preschool Songs and Toddler Tasks in Simple Signs
Sing and Sign a Song for Christmas. Includes pictures and word descriptions of the actions needed to perform each sign. Away in a Manger, Silent Night and O, Holy night.
Sing and Sign a Song for Christmas
Includes 1st verse only for: VOL.1: Away in a Manger, Silent Night and O, Holy Night,
I'll be Home for Christmas, White Christmas, We Wish you a Merry Christmas, Auld Lang Syne
VOL.3: Hark the Herald Angels Sing, What Child is this?, The First Noel.
Religious Songs, Hymns, Carols and Prayers Adapted for Signs. 23rd Psalm, The Lord's Prayer (SE), 10 Commandments, Amazing Grace, I'll Fly Away, It is Well With My Soul, A Mighty Fortress.., Sunday Songs, Prayers and Pledges, Easter  hymns, Who Built the Ark?, Noah,O Little Town of Bethlehem, What Child is This? Silent Night

More Titles from Amazon...
Christmas Sheet Music Collection

Religious Signing by Elaine Costello
American Sign Language Medical Dictionary...
Signing for Kids by Mickey Flodin
Pets, Animals & Creatures (Beginning Sign)
The Miracle Worker. A classic.
Helen Keller (Discovery Biographies)

ASL/SE Dictionary Index
Alphabetical dictionary listing of available pictures of signs included in all of our free S.E. and ASL lesson plans. Updated December, 2003. Does not include words and phrases from our teaching and learning resources available in the Lesson Tutor Store.

Cultural Lesson in Introducing Oneself
It is important to know that Culturally the conversations are around who you know in the Deaf Community, and you and your communication partner's connection with the Deaf Community. By Toni Lynn Van Bramer and Judy Moulton. Illustrations by Elaine Ernst Schneider and Mankit Chan. September 18, 2002

Body Talk for Signers
A “good” signer/interpreter is one who is flexible, i.e. willing to try several means of conveying the message. Many signers would suggest using Total Communication, i.e. signing, mouthing, using facial expressions, gestures, and body movement – selecting the best combination to convey the message to an audience of mixed preferences and needs. 
By Elaine Ernst Schneider , July 24, 2002

American Sign Language (ASL) for the Deaf: Series 1

American Sign Language (ASL) vs. Signed English (S.E.)American Sign Language (ASL) vs. Signed English (SE)
What's the difference and why do I need to know both? Brief explanation of the gros differences found in sentence structure, or syntax, between these two signed languages. Different learners and situations may call for the use of either. 
by Elaine Ernst Schneider March, April 2001

Welcome. Let's Get Introduced
The first of our free asl lesson plans series for teaching ASL and/or SE.
Lesson 1 The Sign Language (ASL) alphabet and introduction to fingerspelling.
Lesson 2 Spelling counts! A.S.L. uses similar motions for similar meanings.
Lesson 3 Part A  Family. Identify each with a single Sign using ASL.
Lesson 3 Part B  Describing eye and hair colors by signing.
Lesson 4  NUMBERS 1 - 10 inclusive in American Sign Language (ASL)
Supplementary Lesson: Numbers 11+
Lesson 5 "I can... "
Lesson 6  "I will..."
Lesson 7  "I  like... "
Review Worksheet
Lesson 8   "I want... "
Lesson 9  "I am..."
Lesson 10 "I can drive.."
Supplementary Lesson: Directions
Lesson 11   Conjunctions and Introducers
Lesson 12  Pronouns

Practice makes Perfect Summer Signing Suggestions

Printable Worksheet: Crossword puzzle
Reproducible A.S.L. alphabet fingerspelling practice Joanne Mikola May 18, 2001

Printable Worksheet: Word Search
Re-inforce A.S.L. finger spelling: Summertime Fun. Fully reproducible.
Joanne Mikola May 20, 2001

Print Friendly Composite .pdf file of Series 1 lessons available for a nominal fee Click here to get yours today. Fully reproducible for educational, non-commercial use.

Back To School ASL Warm-Up Series. 
Summer Travel
Water Signs
Island Signs
"HOT" Things
Back To School
Printable puzzles: A.S.L. Word Search 
Finger Spelling Practice: Back to School. Reproducible.  Joanne Mikola August 8, 2001

American Sign Language for the Deaf: Series 2 

Series 1 Review Worksheet
Lesson 1: Animals of the Forest
Lesson 2: Farm Animals
Lesson 3: Pets
Lesson 4: Grassland and Water Animals
Review Quiz: Animal signs and Fingerspelling 
Lesson 5: Food - fruits
Lesson 6: Food - meats
Lesson 7: Food - vegetables
Lesson 8: Food - Snacks
Lesson 9: Food - Drinks
Lesson 10: Food - Miscellaneous
Lesson 11 Part 1: Time - the 12 months and annual units of time
Lesson 11 Part 2: Time - days of the week, 4 seasons, holidays
Lesson 12: Vocabulary Builder - Descriptive words
Printable worksheets: wordsearch to review Series 2

Print Friendly Composite .pdf file of Series 2 lessons available for a nominal fee
Click here to get yours today.

American Sign Language for the Deaf: Series 3
Lesson 1: Simple Answers and Common Phrases
Lesson 2: Feelings and Emotions
Lesson 3: Questions
Lesson 4: Common ASL/SE Phrases
Lesson 5: More Phrases
Lesson 6: "Finish" Phrases
Lesson 7: Negative Phrases
Lesson 8: Everyday Phrases
Lesson 9: Past Tense
Lesson 10: Opposites
Lesson 11: Professions. A question and answer lesson.
Lesson 12: Travel terms

The entire Series 3 of our ASL lessons is available in a single, print-friendly file in our [email protected].
25 pages. Email or snail mail delivery options. $3.00

Supplementary American Sign Language (ASL) and Signed English (SE) Resources:

Religious Signs
Words and concepts most often encountered when signing a particular religious passage, prayer, hymn or song.

Printable Wordsearch - Reinforce the vocabulary you will need in order to sign The Lord's Prayer. Fully reproducible for your classroom or church group.

Using ASL Alphabet Flashcards Effectively
By Elaine Ernst Schneider, Joanne Mikola December 14, 2001

Also available through the Lesson Tutor Store: Print Ready files delivered by email. Print or CD delivery also available for these .pdf files.

  • The 10 Commandments Adapted for ASL and The Lord's Prayer in SE
  • The Pledge of Allegience and God Bless America adapted for ASL Signs
  • Star Spangled Banner in Signs
  • O! Canada Adapted for ASL
  • Amazing Grace adapted for ASL signs
  • 23rd Psalm Adapted for ASL
  • ASL Alphabet Flashcards 
  • Basic Signs ASL Flash cards Set
  • Survival Signs ASL Flash cards Set
  • Baby Signs - Coloring workbook or Flashcard Set
  • Baby Signs, TOO! Printable Flashcards
  • Signs of Summer Printable Flashcards
  • Signs of Fall Print ready Flash Cards
  • Signs of Winter Flashcards
  • Signs of Spring Flash cards and Activity Set
  • Toddler Tasks in Simple Signs
  • Introducing ASL to Preschool - K Learners
  • ASL Preschool Songs
  • Sign and Sing a Song for Christmas Vol. 1, 2 and 3
  • O Christmas Tree Adapted for ASL
  • Silent Night in Sign
  • O Little Town of Bethlehem Adapted for Signs
  • What Child is This? in Sign
  • ASL Fingerspelling Practice Puzzles
  • I'll Fly Away Adapted for ASL
  • It Is Well With My Soul Adapted for Signs
  • Sunday Songs and Prayers Adapted for Signs
  • Sunday Songs and Pledges Adapted for Signs
  • Introducing ASL to Health Care Professionals

Printable ASL Alpahabet Clip Art
Learn how to create your own puzzles and documents using these ASL letters. Graphic intensive. Be patient. August 12, 2001

Interactive Jigsaw Puzzle Happy Birthday To You
Sign Language Finger spelling words for some party fun. Slow to download, but loads of entertainment. 
Joanne Mikola August 13, 2001

Printable ASL meets Spanish Colors Vocabulary August 26, 2001

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